meet the makers

Mariana Mezic

Mariana Mezic is an artist from the Adelaide Hills. She lives on a 25 acre farm in Kanmantoo with her husband Matt and four beautiful children aged 4-16.

"Be still my beating rock and roll heart, Mariana is the Marianne Faithful of modern art”. 


Tanis Blines


Tanis Blines is an Adelaide-based silver jewellery and object maker.  Trained at the JamFactory, Tanis adopts various processes, including lost wax casting, to produce her (mainly) tactile-focused pieces.


A long-time member of The Mill Family, Tanis has shared a studio with her artist husband, John Blines, since July 2013.

SeaZinc was created as a eco- friendly alternative to common chemical filled face zincs.
It has only high quality natural and organic ingredients that are sourced locally where possible. 
SeaZinc is 100% natural, made with care and love by the sea in South Australia.
Hemp Hemp Hooray 

Hemp hooray is a skincare brand with a mission, to empower people to embrace the hemp life and a healthier lifestyle.

All the products are made cruelty free, locally with natural hemp oil and love.

Woodland Living
Natural cleaning products handmade with organic ingredients in the Adelaide Hills.
Woodland Living promotes and teaches sustainable cleaning practices.

Llewelyn Clothing

Founded in Adelaide, Llewelyn Clothing manufactures clothes in Ghana, West Africa, to help end modern day slavery by funding activists fighting for freedom and providing jobs and training to those most affected. Bringing new energy and beauty to Australias fashion scene, the brand embodies the strength and bravery of those seeking justice and remains a symbol of hope for the men, women and children still bound in slavery today.


Go zero waste in style with Sustomi!

Produce bags, lunch bags, metal straws and our other zero waste items help you to live more consciously and promote a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sustomi believe reducing waste and living a conscious, minimal lifestyle help you and your family to be happy and healthier!

Heather Frahn


With a career spanning over two decades,

Heather Frahn has shared her sonic magic

nationally and internationally a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, sound designer,

musical director, performer, and sound therapist.

Known world-wide for her inspiring music

and sound therapy practice, Heather also

creates magical hemp fibre jewellery.

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